What We Do


Legal Document Preparation/ Help, Study

We do not provide any legal advice, or legal representation. We do collaborate with members of the public, and other attorneys in preparing court answers, and filings, based on motions and petitions that have already been filed or used in a court of law, sourced from multiple jurisdictions across the United States of America. 

Pastor Timothy Damron has over 12 years and personal experience in criminal and civl courts all across the country. The House of Yah Community Outreach has relationships and referral service for local attorneys across the United States in the following areas. 

* Family Court

*  Fathers for Equal  Rights

* Civil/ Criminal Court

* Tort Claims 

* Administrative Claims

* Foreclosure

* Tickets/ Citations

* For entertainment Purposes ONLY 

Al Rights Retained


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Homeless Vet? Have no place to Parole to?( * certain restrictions apply)

Phase 2 of our ministry is to serve the public. We are still getting things ready for full time occupancy, but we have linked up with other non-profits that have space for immediate placement. We currently are in the process of acquiring a 50 acre community formerly a ministry, and community established in 1977.  We are committed to the service of helping people who have been discarded by society, and have forced a status quo on  them as having no value to the public. I hope to change that, and long term provide a place to live, work and prosper without having to measure up to what our society has deemed worthy. Mathew 20:16 states "But many that are first shall be last; and the last shall be first."

If you are a tradesman, contractor, electrician, or having construction skills and can help us in the Houston County Area, we are looking for volunteers, and or interested in payment via tax credit. 


Fund Raising

As a service to the public classes are offered that are designed to educate the public as well as  raise public awareness.  

* Trust, Business, Equity and Taxes

* The Rights associated with Driving and Traveling 

* Debt, Foreclosure, Repossession, Credit Repair

Pastor Timothy Damron's life experiences are vast, accurately taught by his fist hand experience. He has been teaching privately for the last 2 years, with many success stories, and testimonies from his past students. 

*Pastor Timothy Damron is not a licensed attorney, nor are these classes offered as legal advice.  


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